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    How to make room for more children?

    Every child wants to have their room, but unfortunately, this is sometimes not possible. If you belong to families, who do not have enough space in the apartment for separate children's rooms, do not worry. This article is for you, where we will advise you on how to solve the space in the shared nursery. The shared children's room also has its advantages. Children learn to share their space, divide their time with their siblings, and learn to work together.


    Nursery decor, baby bunk bed and panda


    Children's beds are important

    Before you arrange a nursery for your siblings, think about how to place the necessary furniture. It is vital to be functional and meet the requirements you have for it. Beds probably occupy the most space of a new nursery, and their location is significant for a comfortable sleep for your children. There is a large selection of single beds on the market, which can hide another bed that is hidden during the day. Another option is bunk beds, which saves a lot of space and can be combined with storage space, which is incorporated in the beds.


    Storage space

    Storage space is necessary for the nursery. Do not underestimate his choice. Think about how much clothes you need to store in your wardrobe, and think about how the interior layout of your wardrobe will look, which can save you a lot of space. If you have very little space, store your baby clothes in the closets in another room. An essential part of the children's room is also a storage space for toys and books. Practical helpers can be storage baskets and boxes that also fulfill the decorative function.


    Nursery decor, baby bunk bed and stars


    Work Corner

    A desk with a working chair is indispensable for schoolchildren. Take enough time to select them and let your children try the chair and table before buying. Make sure there is enough storage space for your school supplies at the table. Place the table near daylight. Complete the desk with a lamp that illuminates the desktop sufficiently. The chair should be height adjustable and above all, comfortable.


    Colors in the room for more children

    If you have children of different sexes, you are wondering what color to use in the nursery so that both children are happy. Neutral and pastel colors, which can be well combined with colored accessories and textiles, can be the right choice. You can easily change them according to how children grow and what their hobbies are.



    Complement the children's room with decorations that will make it cozy and give the right atmosphere. It can be wall pictures, garlands hanging over the bed or wall stickers, with which you can win and conjure up the children's dream room.


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