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    Are your children afraid in the nursery?

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    Children often fear in their room at night, sometimes during the day. They may be scared of anything, fantasy works at full speed during the day, but at night or before falling asleep too. How to overcome a child's fear of falling asleep in a nursery?


    Nursery decor, toys in nursery, light in nursery
    Watch the bed

    Especially small children have a problem with moving into a large bed. Some children may be afraid of room size. In the cot, equipped with textile cushions, they had a greater sense of intimacy, coziness and certainly had less sleeping space. The big bed does not provide this, so the solution will be to choose a growing bed. If you are looking for a baby cot, also get it straight growing, will serve for years, and the price investment pays off.

    Choose good lighting

    Do not rely on one central lighting, but look for additional lamps that can shine all night. Lamps can stand on the table, can be installed next to the cots on the wall, or you can choose lights that are placed directly in the electrical socket. They have many beautiful shapes, such as asterisk, marigold, or heart. Do not forget the light chains.

    Scary toys

    During the day, the toys look cute and witty, but at night they can be scary, and the children can be unnecessarily frightening. Beware, it can happen with an ordinary teddy bear. Either put them in the sack or a drawer, keep them out of sight and don't put them on the shelves, or try to talk to the baby first that they are his friends who look after him and protect him when he spins. Alternatively, try sleeping in the room from the beginning of you. The child sees that you are not afraid and that toys that cast different shadows will not hurt him.


    Nursery decor, toys in nursery, light in nursery

    Room size

    We are so many times happy that we can indulge in a large room full of ladders, swings. However, our enthusiasm may end when we find that the child in the room is afraid. How to solve it? You can place the bed close to the door as possible so that the child feels that their parents are within reach. Try painting the area around the baby bed with a darker shade, at least one wall to make the space more intimate, or choose a more prominent wallpaper with your baby that he likes. Place many types of lighting in a large room, do not use blackout fabrics in windows. And do not use a mirror near the bed so that the child does not frighten its own shadow at night.

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