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    About Us


    Hi, we’re team My Castle

    We’re into nursery decor and actually everything related to furnishing children's rooms. With a full set of handpicked products and current house decor information from professionals, we want to make your nursery decor journey more joyful and less complicated.



    History & Mission

    All started back in 2019, when Jenny, an enthusiast of home decorating and children's room furnishing, and Jacob, an online stores freak, joined forces. We have established the My Castle store and since then, our mission is to select for you the highest quality products that also meet current design trends and provide you with the most up to date information from the world of nursery decor.


    Listen and improve.

    Improving constantly and involving our community is core to who we are. As we make, do, and say things, we’ll never stop looking to our community of nursery decor enthusiasts and our customers for feedback, guidance, and inspiration. 



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    Yours My Castle Team