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    Neutral Nursery Wallpapers

    Children's wallpaper, colored stones, 139305, To the Moon and Back, Esta Home

    $87.00 USD

    Geometric A
    Geometric B
    Geometric C

    Black White Herringbone Stripes Peel and Stick Wallpaper

    $8.90 USD


    Minimalist Light Hand-painted Forest Wallpaper Mural

    $22.00 USD

    White Wood Planks Self-Adhesive Wallpaper

    $8.90 USD

    Non-woven wallpaper imitation of gray-white wood 138927, Little Bandits, Black & White, Esta

    $87.00 USD

    Non-woven wallpaper, compass on planks 138974, Regatta Crew, Esta Home

    $88.80 USD

    Non-woven wall mural Wood, planks 364200, Wallpower Junior, Eijffinger

    $669.40 USD

    Special "glow in the dark" children's non-woven wallpaper 399032, Mini Me, Eijffinger

    $104.40 USD

    Blue non-woven wallpaper, Universe, 139422, To the Moon and Back, Esta Home

    $87.00 USD

    Non-woven mural wallpaper Balony B 350x280cm, Imaginum, Vavex

    $340.90 USD

    Non-woven mural wallpaper Baloons A, 350x280cm, Imaginum, Vavex

    $340.90 USD

    Special "Glow in the dark" children's non-woven wallpaper 399030, Mini Me, Eijffinger

    $79.60 USD

    Special "glow in the dark" children's non-woven wallpaper 399033, Mini Me, Eijffinger

    $104.40 USD

    Non-woven blue children's wallpaper - animals and dinosaurs in space M36801, My Kingdom, Ugépa

    $22.60 USD

    Non-woven wallpaper 219214, Smalltalk, BN International

    $22.70 USD

    Paper wallpaper 6090002, Little Mole, Vavex

    $8.60 USD

    Paper wallpaper 6090001, Little Mole, Vavex

    $8.60 USD

    Paper wallpaper 589-5, Treboli, Ichwallcoverings

    $58.00 USD

    Paper wallpaper 589-3, Treboli, Ichwallcoverings

    $58.00 USD

    Paper wallpaper 589-2, Treboli, Ichwallcoverings

    $58.00 USD

    Nursery Decor with My Castle's Neutral Wallpaper Collection

    We invite you to embark on a journey through a world of imaginative possibilities, where our wallpapers feature captivating shapes and a palette of colors that radiate positivity.

    Shapes That Spark Creativity

    In our nursery wallpapers, discover shapes that spark creativity and curiosity in your child. From whimsical waves to playful polka dots, these designs create an atmosphere that nurtures your little one's budding imagination. Our palette is an ode to happiness, from gentle pastels to vibrant hues, perfect for any nursery style.

    Neutral Wallpapers With Timeless Elegance

    Create an enduring ambiance of elegance in your nursery with our neutral wallpaper styles. These timeless designs blend soothing colors and minimalist shapes, providing a serene backdrop that allows your child's radiant personality to shine through. Every glance at our walls will evoke endless smiles.

    Quality and Comfort

    My Castle is synonymous with quality and comfort. Our nursery wallpapers are meticulously crafted with eco-friendly materials, ensuring a healthy environment for your cherished one. With easy installation and a commitment to excellence, we're here to help you create a nursery that's not just stylish but also brimming with joy.