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    We accept international shipping. So, no matter where you are, you don't have to worry about delivering to your country. Our shipping is also completely free on all orders over $100. Otherwise, standard international shipping fee is $1.90.

    When you place your order, we start to oscillate and begin making your items as quickly as possible. Most packages are dispatched within 24 - 72 hours. However, this period may be increased in the season or at a higher demand for 5 days. Once the order has been dispatched you will be sent a Tracking Code in your email which you can track your order.

    After package is shipped, it needs a few days to reach your home. 
    Please allow the total shipping time between 7 - 14 days.


    Estimated total delivery times by countries are as follows (Business Days):

    United States 7 - 14 days
    United Kingdom 7 - 14 days
    Australia 7 - 14 days
    New Zealand 7 - 14 days
    Canada 8 - 15 days
    Mexico 8 - 15 days
    EU Countries 8 - 15 days


    10 - 18 days


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