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    Cheer up the room for children

    • person Ellie Reese
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    Do you know how to make your children's room more pleasant? We have some ideas for you that will light up the eyes of your little ones! The children's room should be cheerful and playful. Don't worry about colors, but remember that nothing should be exaggerated. If you have monochrome paintings in this room, we recommend wall stickers with children's animal motifs. You plan where you place them. Today's market offers a wealth of such decorations. There are several advantages:


    Nursery decor, cheerful nursery, decorations


    - quick installation 

    - easy removal 

    - washability (priceless in the children's room)


     Which stickers to choose and where to place them


    The children's room should be divided into three zones: relaxation, creative, and movement. Choose decorations accordingly. On the wall near the crib, choose undisturbed pictures of a rather calm nature. We recommend stickers with pandas and birds. Sleeping owls on a branch also fit into the relaxation zone. As for the creative area where the child usually has toys or a drawing table, there is no limit to the imagination. Don't worry about colors, and choose different themes. Animals of the jungle, tree with animals, and so on. It is always good to follow what your child likes. If you want aquariums and fish, get a dolphin sticker on the wall, and it will feel like part of the water world! Is there a library or a bookshelf in the room?


    Nursery decor, cheerful nursery, decorations


    There is nothing better than sticking to this piece of furniture on the wall owls, which represent wisdom. Stickers can also be practical. Buy a tree sticker in your nursery that also serves as a meter. You get decoration and a useful thing in one.


    Tips on how to use stickers originally


    Here are some tips on how to improve these decorations. Buy a tree sticker with animals and stick it on the wall. Push the short and narrow shelves onto the branches, where you can stack children's books or other items. Of course, the shelf should not extend over the entire tree, but only a small part of the branch. You can also put a carpet and cushions under the tree, which your child will be happy to relax with. A tree sticker offers a considerable number of options. You can also place smaller photo frames with pictures or pictures under each branch to evoke pleasant memories for children.

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