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    Do you arrange a room for a student?

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    The room for schoolchildren remains a children's room. The child is still playing here, but at the same time, he is learning and discovering new things. Are you going to improve or completely change the children's room before the start of the new school year, but still do not know how to equip it properly?


    Nursery decor, writing table


    Working corner


    Beware of the location of the writing desk. It should be placed as close as possible to the window for enough daylight, but so that the child is sitting back to the wall. Positioning your back into the room or return to the door causes restlessness in the child, making it difficult to concentrate. Moreover, it is unnecessarily exhausted in learning.


    Nursery decor, writing table


    Of course, the table and chairs must have the right height. It should generally be in the range of 70 to 75 cm. If the legs are in the air, a footstool must be obtained. Growing furniture is the ideal solution for the smallest schoolchildren. There is also a quality lamp. Place it on the left-hand side, on the right-hand side.


    Of course, there should also be plenty of storage space, which can accommodate exercise books, textbooks, work supplies, books, and other teaching aids. Ideally, if the table has at least two drawers, there should also be an additional container, preferably mobile.


    Place to sleep


    The sleeping area should be quiet in the same way and is not a thing if it is separated from the rest of the room by some piece of furniture, such as a bookcase or shelf system. The place should look cozy, and the child should relax here.


    Place to play


    If the child is still playing, it should have storage boxes for toys in the room. Ideal is the carpet located in the middle of the place where the child can sit and play.

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