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    How to arrange a children's playroom?

    • person Ellie Reese
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    Parents often wonder how to arrange two children's rooms when they are available. Usually, each room is allocated to one child, but there is another option. This situation is especially useful when children are small. One place becomes a bedroom and the other a playroom. And we want to focus on children's playrooms in more detail. The playroom should properly consist of three zones: relaxation, creative, and active.


    Relaxation-passive zone

    The children rest in the relaxation-passive part of the nursery. It should contain pads, seat bags, buffers. You can even lay a mattress on the floor where the children reach out. In this section, a bookshelf may also be within easy reach of a book when it is in the mood to read fairy tales or browse pages while resting.


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    Creative-art zone

    The creative-art zone is used primarily for art activities, as the name suggests. Children draw, model, develop their skills. This section should be close to the window to allow sufficient light. In general, there should be a minimum of furniture in the games room, but the table and chairs are almost a must. There may also be a small library or shelves. I recommend placing a magnetic/chalkboard on the wall and notice board so that the child can exhibit their creations.

    Nursery decor, round carpet in nursery


    Active zone

    The last active part is more suitable for older children. The equipment of this zone is more expensive, but today there is a wide selection of exercise aids. A lot is used wall bars, suspension ropes, swings, part of the climbing walls, mats, rope ladders, trapezes, suspension rings, and so on. Of course, you don't have to overdo it and buy a throwing ball, a wall basket or a small trampoline. Here, however, pay attention to safety. Everything should be properly attached to the wall.


    In our opinion, the playroom should look cheerful. Do not be afraid of colors, combine wallpaper with paint. On the floor is better carpet all over its area. Children usually play on the ground anyway, and the risk of slipping is reduced.

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