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    How to choose carpet for the nursery?

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    Unlike the past, carpets are not so widely used today. To the children's room, however, according to experts, belongs. Softens otherwise hard floor, warms it, but also dampens noise and also repels dust. But how do you choose the best one?

    Young children spend most of their time on the floor, so the carpet does not only function as a floor covering, but is also a playground. Thanks to different themes, you can develop their imagination and foster creativity. If you are concerned that the carpet only attracts dust, forget it. This claim is no longer valid. Just choose the right material. The modern ones have amazing antistatic properties, so they repel dirt. Some of the carpets also have antibacterial treatment.


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    Safety comes first

    Always choose a low and thick pile carpet in the small children's room. Besides being pleasantly soft, the individual fibers cannot be pulled out so quickly. Therefore, children cannot put them in their mouths and swallow them. The advantage is also that dirt does not get buried, and you can easily vacuum it.

    If you plan to buy a smaller piece of carpet that does not extend from one wall to the other and does not have a non-slip coating, add a special non-slip mat under it. This thing will prevent any unpleasant accidents.


    Which carpet color to choose?

    Choosing the right colors and motifs is very important. Darker, deeper shades of color darken and visually reduce the room. Small children in the room include bright and vivid colors, colorful designs that attract their attention. The pattern should develop imagination and create space for games. Popular are the motives of the road, city, farm with animals, forest, sea, castle for the princess, or doll room.


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    Synthetic material or natural fiber?

    Of course, the best material is wool. It is characterized by long life and high resistance. Carpets made of it are pleasantly soft. But as usual, you have to pay extra for quality. A square meter can cost you two thousand. And because you only buy a children's carpet for a few years, a high investment in it is unnecessary. Besides, they become more dirty and poorly cleaned. They are therefore more suitable for larger children. But then they can stay in the room until they leave the house. 

    For younger children is a better carpet made of artificial material. Nylon fiber guarantees durability and strength. Also, manufacturers often provide it with special anti-fouling treatment. Polyamide fiber, in turn, can withstand a higher load and has excellent antistatic properties.


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