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    How to choose the right furniture for the nursery?

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    When furnishing a children's room with new furniture, several parameters need to be taken into account. Children will be interested mainly in the color design of furniture. 

    But first of all, we should think about security. It begins with the selection of material and ends with the actual implementation of children's furniture. 

    The children's world is full of games and learning. Children are naturally curious, and the environment we create them should develop their imagination and skills. Manufacturers rely on color and sophisticated details. When choosing children's furniture, we should not be absorbed by them, and we should also be interested in purely practical parameters.


    Children's furniture needs to be replaced over time

    Remember that with some exceptions (growing tables or chairs) with children, children's furniture will not grow. It applies in particular to beds or cabinets. 


    Children's room inspiration - How to choose the right furniture for the nursery?


    Babies and toddlers need only a cot, dresser, and first toys. Preschoolers will use more of their own space. For schoolchildren will be necessary to get a suitable desk, bed, storage space for clothes, toys, and other needs. Upon entering school, the children's room is transformed from a playroom into a small study. It should be borne in mind when arranging a nursery.


    Safe children's furniture is a priority

    Manufacturers of children's furniture do not spare their parents much. The offer is plentiful, and there is a lot to choose from. But before we begin to decide whether to choose blue, green, yellow, or red decor, we should think about safety. It is advisable to care about what and how the children's furniture was made. There is no doubt that the ideal material is solid wood because wood is a natural material and is harmless to health. The disadvantage, of course, is the higher price. Check also what varnishes have been used to paint children's furniture. At the same time, consider the overall design of the furniture - whether children reach well on shelves, cabinets and drawers, whether corners are sufficiently rounded, etc.


    Children's room inspiration 2 - How to choose the right furniture for the nursery?


    Functionality and playfulness of children's furniture

    The children's room should meet several parameters. In addition to the aesthetic aspect, furniture must also be practical, functional, and comfortable. Plenty of storage space is a matter, of course. If different cabinets and shelves are part of children's furniture, be aware of their wall-mounting options and stability. Practical is the so-called slow-closing doors from cabinets, which is undoubtedly safer for children's fingers.

    Nursery furniture should not have any shelves, showcases, or other glass accessories, as children could accidentally cut them if they accidentally break them.

    Intense colors and contrasts will complete the overall impression of the children's room and help the child to develop distinctive abilities. Older children, on the other hand, maybe more suited to pastel or subtle colors.

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