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    How to make the children's room more playful?

    • person Ellie Reese
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    One of the most beautiful things parents can do for a child is to brighten the baby's face with a smile. Today's article is devoted to tips that incorporate into the nursery will entertain the kids for a few afternoons.
    When we get back to our childhood for a while, you will surely remember when you built temporary houses made of sheets, chairs, and mattresses. There is a wide range of options to achieve this.


    Tree living is the dream of every child. If you argue that you live in a block of flats and have no place to place it, you are wrong! Although the ideal option for building a "tree" house is a maisonette or apartment with a high ceiling, you can very easily incorporate the house into an ordinary apartment building. The house will be best built in the corner of the room. Creating such a shelter, of course, costs something, plus construction work will be required. If you are looking for something simpler, there are options that can be built on equipment that is already in the nursery.


    Nursery decor, happy nursery, treehouse


    Mysterious shelter

    Very often, children's beds show a bed raised above the ground. The space below is usually filled with cabinets or a desk. But if you do not need the space acutely, try to make the space under the bed, a child's paradise full of games and fun.

    Who plays is not angry

    Boring is a terrible thing. For this reason, few want to meet her, and only children. You will get bored in the nursery by incorporating simple yet functional elements. Traditional is a carpet with a pattern of town and road where children can play with cars. A printed jumping shot may also appear on the mat. If you do not want a rug in the room, the shot can also be placed on a wooden floor, where you can embody it using adhesive tape.
    Another playful option is hanging the basketball basket on the wardrobe. In addition to all the good things, we add an idea with a home gym - you can place a swing, rings, or a rope (for climbing and swinging) on ​​the staples.

    Nursery decor, funny nursery, treehouse


    Creative children

    Each of you has a small painter at home. The pictures are stacked on the fridge, and the magnets have something to do to keep them all. The solution can be found in black, which appears on the market in both color and wallpaper. The only thing the baby will need is a box of chalks.

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