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    How to solve a small space in the nursery

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    Everyone does not have the opportunity to provide a large room for children to place beds, desks, wardrobes, and possibly other items that they need in their vicinity. And there is still space for playing. In the majority of households, the opposite is exact, children and parents must be content with limited space.


    The bunk bed

    And to save space in the nursery can reach for a solution such as bunk bed. The baby is sleeping upstairs, and there is a place to play down. A work corner with a desk and shelves can also be created under the bed. In this case, however, pay close attention to the thorough illumination of the work area, which will lack natural light.

    The final solution is a matter of time and money. The fastest and perhaps the cheapest option is to buy a mass-produced bunk bed. Various designs are available.


    Nursery decor, bunk bed in nursery


    Inbuilt wardrobe

    The cabinet itself is beautiful, but it takes up a lot of space in a small room. You will have to search the Internet to find a ready-made set of smart furniture or have it custom made. You can also use the space just below the ceiling, where lockers accessible via a ladder can hang. However, store things you don't use today and every day.


    Nursery decor, storage spaces system


    Storage space

    The essential thing in a small room is organizing and cleaning. Even a tiny mess in a small room acts as a total trigger. Use storage boxes that you can stack on top of each other.


    What to use in a small nursery

    • Good lighting - a slightly lit room will make it look digger.
    • The mirror will also help visually increase the space.


    What is better to avoid

    • Strong wallpapers with large patterns.
    • Wild combinations of colors.
    • Robust enclosed furniture. Open shelves and lighter designs will be better used here.
    • Heavy window curtains or blinds will be lighter.

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