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    Narrow children's room

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    Children's rooms, in the shape of the so-called "noodles," can be found in many homes and apartments. Mostly they are hidden by prefabs, and you have to figure out how to arrange the room not only functionally so that it can fit everything that is needed.


    1. My Castle Decor, little space, inspiration

    It is a difficult task, it is not possible to inflate the room, but it can be helped. Here are some tips you may find useful.

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    Multifunctional furniture is a prerequisite. Unfortunately, sometimes the wardrobe does not fit into the room. If this is the case, try to find a place for children's clothes somewhere else in the apartment, leaving only room for sleeping, playing, and working in the room. If this is not possible, purchase furniture that has multiple functions in one. The most suitable option is a bed with storage space.
    Use the space in its width and place a bed under the window. Fill the rest of the room with a work area, play area, or smaller storage space. Don't forget the wall. Shelves, lower cabinets, or at least wall hooks can also help to save space on the ground. Also, make use of the area just above the door — ideal place for bedding and blankets.


    My Castle Decor, little space, inspiration

    Use light colors on the wall and bet on airiness and lightness. Dark colors prefer to use them on accessories. A small space looks more light intensity. Attention, I don't mean just white. An excellent choice is shades of pastel colors

    Sometimes the room has high ceilings, in which case you can use the height to build a sleeping floor. But definitely, this solution is not suitable for small children, but rather for those growing up.


    My Castle Decor, little space, inspiration

    Custom furniture often helps. However, it is necessary to count on a higher purchase price.

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