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    Nursery for little baby

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    Babies are best with mum, that's a general truth. But a lovely room that we prepare for the baby is also a good thing. How to do it? Here are some tips.
    Color selection
    In the room, you will spend a lot of time together, so he must not miss quiet and gentle colors, beware, no wilderness. Although the baby spins a lot, too strong colors and combinations would unnecessarily distract him. Neutral shades combined with pastel shades are best. Well, and if the sex of a baby is a secret, you don't mess up with these combinations.
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    Cot for a peaceful sleep
    The choice of the crib should be primarily based on safety and quality and, of course, the choice of a suitable mattress. The style of the room is also essential. The standard size of a cot is 120 × 60 cm, it should be of stable construction and should be painted with non-toxic colors. If you want to solve a crib for a long time, choose the growing one, which can serve from the first months until puberty. A growing cot is a higher investment, and the question is whether it will last without harm to beauty.
    You can easily have a changing table as a separate furniture or temporarily get it from a chest of drawers and place it in the room. What you have in mind is enough storage space, so you don't have to run away from your baby. Not for a second! Some changing tables have plenty of storage space, or there are cots with a changing table in one. Pay attention to stability, easy maintenance, and style of the room.
    Always adjust the amount of storage space to what you have at home and where you store everything. Remember that even if you do not have adorable clothes at home and buy them gradually, things will increase and not even talking about toys. If you invest in quality and timelessness, you don't have to touch the baby room for a long time in this baby-like form, and he will grow with the baby. Think more ahead, you need a crib and a baby changing cover at the beginning, but at the beginning of the furnishing, you can also think about what you buy into the room afterward, or buy it all at the beginning.
    Nursery decor, little baby, cot and furniture, decorations
    Decorations are needed, but nothing should be exaggerated. Choose quality and timelessness. Some will appreciate animals. Others will understand flowers. Just make sure everything is in tune.
    The chair is essential. Any. Towel, rocking, upholstered, wicker. There will be more sleepless nights, so make sure you feel comfortable.

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