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    The children's room in jungle style

    • person Ellie Reese
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    The jungle style of interior design is currently modern and fashionable. Do you have an animal and travel lover at home? Or do you like exoticism and want an original children's room? Then the jungle style is just right for you. 


    What colors and material to choose?

    It is based on neutral colors. Color the room to earthy shade, mainly sand, beige, brown, green, or gray-blue. The painting in the jungle style should be in green with different shades. Sometimes the walls are decorated with wallpaper with motifs of palm leaves, animals, and so on.

    Natural and non-traditional materials characterize the jungle style, so choose the most natural materials such as wood, rattan, and bamboo. To make the room cozy, buy curtains, pillows, carpets, and so one. Textile decorations in the form of rugs and cushions are also marketable as a collection, which is an advantage. Use cotton, linen, jute on carpets. All textiles must be mainly soft and pleasant to the touch.


    Nursery decor inspiration - jungle style - mycastledecor


    Decoration and home accessories

    Pay attention to the decoration of the walls. Use wallpaper, border, or wall stickers. 

    Suitable motifs include plants and animals. Old maps or posters with this theme are also beautiful. The interior of this room should complement with storage baskets, wooden and rattan boxes, or even old suitcases. As for furniture, we recommended old wooden cabinets and a chest of drawers. Don't forget the wall shelves, wooden bed, and stuffed animals belonging to jungle style. Details are also important — for example, bed linen, lights, pictures on the wall. The images with animals you can buy at our e-shop My castle.


    Nursery decor inspiration - jungle style - mycastledecor


    Plants in the kid's room

    If necessary, place plants in the room. The most popular plants in this style include succulents, palm trees, ferns, giant fig trees. Overhanging plants in hanging pots are also common, which can decorate even hard-to-reach places. The latest trend is growing smaller plants in glass balls from Japan.

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