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    What colors fit into the children's room?

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    When you are planning or reconstructing the children's room, the first question is what kind of color you must to choose. We should be careful when we are selecting a combination of colors. The resulting impression can be chaotic when we want shades of colors inappropriately. Every color is unique and has a lot of shades. We recommended a combination of three or four colors into the children's room. One of them should be neutral white. Pastel and muted shades fits more into the room for baby. In the case of older children, we can afford to experiment more. Colors affect the children's psyche, and because the kids spend a lot of time in their room, we must not underestimate their choice. For passive children, the designers recommend deeper and warmer colors (orange, yellow). On the contrary, cold and muted colors (purple, blue) are suitable for active children.

    Let's talk to our children about their favorite colors. It will be their space, and therefore should be the choice consulted with children.


    Meaning of individual colors

    White. It should not be the only color, because it looks cold itself. In combination with other colors, however, it has a neutral effect.

    Black. Especially for young children is this color not recommended (on the contrary, older teenagers sometimes seek it themselves).

    In this context, we would like to mention that the nordic style in children's rooms is currently popular, dominated by white, gray, black. This combination is beautiful for adults, but for the small child does not look cheerful. Of course, the other situation is when we add these tones and light up different colored accessories.

    Grey. According to psychologists, it does not evoke any emotions, and it is good to complement it with a stronger color.

    Brown. Again, it is a good idea to complement it with more distinctive colors, as it is itself bland and the least popular in children.

    Red. It is more aggressive, so it should be handled with care and is more suitable for decoration in the nursery.

    Purple. It promotes thinking and concentration. It should not be in dark rooms. Of course, wallpaper can be chosen instead of the paint, as in the picture below.



    Blue. Not recommended for sad and anxious children. On the contrary, it supports thinking, so it is suitable for hyperactive children.

    Yellow. It is cheerful and promotes curiosity. However, beware of its vibrant shades, they can hurt our eyes because it reflects much light.

    Green. It evokes nature. It is friendly and cheerful. Its muted shades are now more modern. Likewise, we should approach the color orange.

    Pink. Favorite color of girls, let's not worry about her. It is a harmonious and friendly color. Beware of pink colors, so that the room is not sweet.


    Fashion trends in color selection

    Pastel colors are currently popular. We recommend a combination of pink color to the baby's room, complemented by gray or turquoise.



    The latest trend is pink color, complemented by gold or light coffee.

    As for the baby room, the color is blue. Its dark shade looks interesting in keeping with white and soft red. Designers also recommend combining light blue with gray and white.

    If you choose neutral colors white and gray, you can brighten the room with wall stickers that are currently trendy.

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