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    What dangers can be in the nursery?

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    What to watch out for when you plan a children's room? Everything must be considered in detail. Children are curious and may face various dangers. In this article, we will advise you where and what to look out for. A lot of the beautiful and cute things we like can be potentially dangerous for a baby. To eliminate the possibility of your child being harmed! 


    Nursery decor. Dangers in nursery.


    What to watch out for


    1. Make sure all pieces of furniture are securely screwed to the wall! Children like to pull out drawers and furniture can be easily transported.

    2. Beware of heavy cabinets where a child could pinch a hand, preferring lightweight children's furniture that is attested!

    3. The sharp corners of furniture are often precisely at the level of the baby's head. Therefore, buy special pads and wrap at least the worst edges.

    4. Never hang the shelves above the cot, not to mention the bookshelf full of books. Let them stand in the corner on the ground and clean the books rather than drop them on the child's head.


    Nursery decor. Dangers in nursery


    5. Never put tiles in the children's room!

    6. Do not place separate rugs in the toddler's room, which could easily slip through the baby. Get an ideally flexible floor, for example, from a Marmoleum, which is also antibacterial and holds heat well.

    7. The risk of falling out of the window is one of the greatest, so never leave your child alone with an open balcony or window!

    8. Curtains must not reach the ground. Small children can get entangled and even strangle them! The same applies to cords from blackout systems. Always keep your window cloths short and away from your baby's hands.

    9. Properly blinded drawers are essential. Never place electric lamps in the room with the cord hanging freely. Let the luminaires be simply mounted on the wall.

    10. Children like to stick everything they find into their mouths. Many houseplants are poisonous and certainly do not belong in the children's room!

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