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    What decorations to choose for the nursery?

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    The children's room should have enough space to play in. Do not forget his design page, from which it is immediately clear who lives here. The child instantly finds the perfect refuge in their room. If you plan to rebuild this room, check out our great decoration tips.

    Nursery decorations play a significant role. They elevate the child's mood, develop his or her imagination, and can help him/her learn. At the same time, in the case of a suitably chosen motif, they express their personality and interests. Do not hesitate to look at the first tip. 


    What time is it?

    Feel free to use exciting clocks and alarms. These are offered in a variety of children's designs today. Stores provide different colors, original shapes, and variants with varying themes like serial and movie heroes. Different lighting effects are also very popular with alarm clocks. In addition to the aesthetic function, the clock also has a practical purpose.


    Nursery decor, wall clock bear


    Original lamps and lifting

    In the children's room, you can fully use your imagination and do not be afraid to experiment. Animal lamps are modern, for example. Most popular are the motives of pets. The lamp can be placed on a bedside table as well as finding a place on a table where homework is done.


    Nursery decor, bed table and chairs


    Wallpaper and wall stickers

    Here, too, it is good to take into account the interests of the child and choose favorite themes or characters. It is ideal to use wallpaper on one wall only. Do not overdo it with colors or shapes. Polka dots on all walls might not work well for the baby. Pastel colors of wallpaper and elegant patterns are suitable.

    Wall stickers have many advantages. They are easy to apply and remove. They are washable. With the wall application, the child can assist and learn manual skills. Do not be afraid of bright colors and shapes. It's just a temporary decoration, and when the baby stops liking, you replace it with a new one. For example, stars above the crib or safari animals above the play carpet are famous.


    Nursery decor, balloons wall decals

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