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    Non-woven mural wallpaper Forrest A, 390x280cm, Imaginum, Vavex

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    IMAGINUM is the collection of author's illustrated wallpapers by Magda Veverková, designed exclusively for Vavex. They are specific by being created in hand with lots of details and the drawing of individual motifs. The impulse for their development was a desire to transfer the artwork and illustrated story on the interior wall. To make a room to work as a whole, there can be one wallpaper completed by another.  It does not have to be a private living space, but also, for example, entrance hall, apartment building corridor, office building´s staircase wall, wall in a pharmacy, cake shop, clothing store, restaurant…. Imagination has no limits. By their drawings bring these wallpapers another mood into a space and tell a story. Wallpaper can make your interior more cosier. If you like it, go ahead! Life is change!

    Vlies wallpapers are characterized by good breathability, mechanical resistance and the ability to cover fine cracks. Wall thicknesses equal to or less than 0.8% is suitable for non woven wall coverings. When pasting vlies wallpapers, the adhesive is applied directly to the underlying wall to which the individual stripes of the wallpaper are applied. For pasting, use a non woven wallpaper adhesive for vlies wallpapers, which can be found in our adhesive range. Removing vlies wallpapers is easy and could be done in a dry condition of the wallpaper.

    It is advisable to use a primer to each wall before wallpapering. The primer unifies underlayments absorption and increases adhesion of subsequent layers.
    dimension: 390x280 cm
    producer: Vavex
    Each wallpaper from this catalog is printed digitally. You can choose the exact size, adjust the format, or even color or writing. Standardly printed on SATIN 180g / m2 paper.

    Non-woven mural wallpaper Forrest A, 390x280cm, Imaginum, Vavex
    Non-woven mural wallpaper Forrest A, 390x280cm, Imaginum, Vavex

    Standardized size mural

    This product is pre-made mural in fixed size, ensure compatibility by checking dimensions before purchase.

    Paste-the-wall type mural

    Unlike traditional wallpapers, our non-woven murals skips the messy soaking step! Simply apply the paste directly to the wall ("paste-the-wall" technique) for a quicker and easier installation.


    • Wall mural width: 390 cm
    • Wall mural height: 280 cm
    • Material: Non-woven
    • Color: Orange/Green
    • Pattern: Children's/Flowers, trees (kids)/Nature/Leaves, trees/Animals



    Non-woven wall mural is more durable and resistant to tearing than traditional paper-based wall mural.

    Ease of installation

    Non-woven wall mural is easier to install because it doesn't expand or contract when wet. This means you don't have to soak it before hanging. Another advantage is that it can be applied using a "paste-the-wall" technique, where adhesive is directly applied to the wall instead of the wall mural itself.


    Non-woven wall mural is breathable, which means that moisture can pass through it without causing damage. This makes it suitable for use in kitchens and bathrooms where humidity levels are higher.

    Easy removal

    Non-woven wall mural is also easier to remove than traditional wall mural because it can be stripped off in full sheets without leaving behind any residue.


    1. Measure your wall

    Measure the space where you intend to apply the wall mural. Note down the width and height of the wall in centimeters (convert to centimeters later). If needed, use a tape measure or mark the dimensions on your wall to visualize how the mural will look.

    2. Compare the dimensions

    Unlike wallpapers pattern rolls that can be connected, wall murals come in fixed sizes. Find the wal mural dimensions above in the parameters section and decide if it fits your wall appropriately. Keep in mind that the mural will cover the entire area specified by its dimensions.

    3. Adjustments options

    If you require a smaller size than the wall mural sold dimensions, you can simply cut the product to fit your needs. However, if you need to cover a larger area of the wall, you may be able to order multiple pieces and connect them during installation (in some of the wall mural themes). Please note that with Non-woven wall murals, it's not possible to adjust the size exactly according to your required dimensions.

    If you would like advice. Do not hesitate to contact us.


    Take a look at our customer's installations for some inspiration.

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    Wonderful goods! Finally, we arranged the room exactly as we imagined. I'm happy with the purchase!

    Fast communication, delivery was okay, the package was precisely wrapped ... thank you, and I will definitely order again.

    Very helpful approach. We wanted to order some products extra and they deducted the shipping fee for us. Everything came fairly quickly and fine


    My Castle offers an alternative to industry as we sell only environmentally friendly wall mural. We pride ourselves in offering clients beautiful wall coverings crafted with consciously selected materials!

    We also believe our print-to-order method is the best way to eliminate product waste and provide unique designs to our customers.

    When it comes to the non-woven wallpaper, one of the advantages is that it is easier to remove compared to traditional paper-based wallpapers.

    When properly installed, non-woven wallpaper can typically be peeled off from the wall in full sheets without leaving behind any residue or damaging the underlying surface.

    This makes it a convenient option for people who like to change their décor frequently or who are renting their living space and need a temporary solution.

    Our wallpapers can be used for many different projects and surfaces!

    Most importantly your surface should be clean, non-porous and somewhat smooth.

    We are happy to let you know, that we only charge $3.9 for international shipping!

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    Rolled wallpapers are dispatched within 24 - 72 hours. As we are shipping worldwide, please allow the total shipping time between 5 - 8 business days. 

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