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    The round nursery rug catches the eye at first glance. The round rugs for the children's room are suitable both for larger and smaller rooms. If the room is larger, you can place it in front of the wardrobe or turn it into a play corner with other accessories. On the contrary, in smaller rooms, you can place a spacious round children's rug in the middle and it will become the dominant feature of the room, as well as a comfortable place for various games. Choose the right one from our wide range of motifs and styles to suit your home.

    Round Rug Color ABC Alphabet

    $25.90 USD $32.00 USD


    Round Rug Circle ABC Alphabet

    $25.90 USD $32.00 USD

    Nursery Area Round Rug Sun

    $27.90 USD $34.00 USD


    Fluffy Thick Area Round Rug

    $12.90 USD

    Round Area Rug Cute Animals

    $25.90 USD $32.00 USD

    Little tiger
    Tiger with hat

    Round Rug ABC Alphabet Animals

    $25.90 USD $32.00 USD

    Cartoon Comfy Round Rug Sleepy Lion

    $56.00 USD $74.00 USD

    Nursery Area Round Rug Space Galaxy

    $37.90 USD

    Calm lion
    Little lion
    Sleepy lion

    Nursery Area Round Rug Lions

    $37.90 USD

    Half Round Area Rug Nordic Rainbow

    $37.90 USD

    Rainbow with Hearth
    Rainbow with Flower
    You are so loved

    Semicircle Area Rug Cartoon Rainbows

    $23.90 USD $29.00 USD

    Round Area Rug Space Highway Road

    $25.90 USD $32.00 USD


    Modern Style Area Round Rug

    $30.90 USD $37.00 USD

    Happy Place
    What a time

    Round Area Rug Cartoon Rainbow

    $27.90 USD $34.00 USD

    Crown Bunny Wheel
    Cute bunny wheel
    Happy lucky cat wheel

    Cartoon Round Nursery Rug Funny Animals

    $24.00 USD $45.00 USD

    Round Crawling Floor Rug Alphabet Lion

    $52.00 USD $69.50 USD

    Area Round Rug Pink Butterfly

    $37.90 USD

    Hearts - Green
    Hearts - Pink

    Area Round Rug Hearts Pattern

    $37.90 USD


    Semicircle Area Rug Watermelon

    $23.90 USD $29.00 USD

    Round Area Rug Be Happy

    $25.90 USD $32.00 USD