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    Children's non-woven wallpaper 219271, Smalltalk, BN International

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    Supporting children around the world to keep safe, healthy, and learning

    Small Talk speaks children's language. You can indulge your children in adventure, the search for wild animals, the game of Indians. They can have new friends among rabbits and dogs. They can experience any story.
    #smalltalk stimulates creativity and transforms a children's room into a room full of discoveries. Cute and modern children's wallpapers will create a space where children will feel really good.
    Imagine what our wall can be.
    Non-woven wallpaper for the wall is characterized by good breathability, mechanical resistance and the ability to cover fine cracks. For the application of non-woven wallpaper, straight walls with a humidity of not more than 0.8% are suitable. When gluing non-woven wallpapers, the glue is applied directly to the base wall, on which the individual strips of wallpaper are applied. To glue non-woven wallpaper, use glue for non-woven wallpaper, which you will find in our offer of adhesives. Removing non-woven wallpaper is easy and is done dry.


    Before wallpapering, it is advisable to prime each wall. Penetration unifies the absorbency of the substrate and increases the adhesion of subsequent layers.
    roll: 10 × 0.53m
    pattern continuity: 64 cm
    base color: gray, cream, brick, yellow
    Interior´s photo is just illustration - different colors
    collection: Smalltalk
    manufacturer: BN International

    Children's non-woven wallpaper 219271, Smalltalk, BN International
    Children's non-woven wallpaper 219271, Smalltalk, BN International

    Repeat pattern wallpaper

    Buy one or more rolls (pieces) to cover your desired area, perfect for consistent designs across walls.

    Paste-the-wall type wallpaper

    Unlike traditional wallpapers, our non-woven wallpapers skips the messy soaking step! Simply apply the paste directly to the wall ("paste-the-wall" technique) for a quicker and easier installation.


    • Wallpaper roll width: 53 cm
    • Wallpaper roll lenght: 1000 cm
    • Material: Non-woven
    • Color: Beige/Brown/Grey/Yellow
    • Pattern: Children's/Flowers, trees (kids)/Animals (kids)

    Expected delivery for this product:

    USA, Canada: 5 - 10 days
    Australia, NZ: 5 - 10 days
    UK, Europe: 4 - 7 days
    Other countries: 5 - 10 days



    Non-woven wallpaper is more durable and resistant to tearing than traditional paper-based wallpaper.

    Ease of installation

    Non-woven wallpaper is easier to install because it doesn't expand or contract when wet. This means you don't have to soak it before hanging. Another advantage is that it can be applied using a "paste-the-wall" technique, where adhesive is directly applied to the wall instead of the wallpaper itself.


    Non-woven wallpaper is breathable, which means that moisture can pass through it without causing damage. This makes it suitable for use in kitchens and bathrooms where humidity levels are higher.

    Easy removal

    Non-woven wallpaper is also easier to remove than traditional wallpaper because it can be stripped off in full sheets without leaving behind any residue.


    1. Measure your wall

    Measure the space for wallpaper application (Width and Height). We recommend to add 10% surplus to your size for easier, safer installation and smooth connection of the wallpaper pattern.

    2. Find out your total dimensions required

    To determine the total area needed for the wallpaper, simply multiply its width by its height. For instance, if your wall is 300 cm wide and 250 cm tall (with 10% surplus), the total area required would be 75,000 square centimeters. In that case, you would need two pieces.

    3. Compare with the product size

    Compare your total required size to the area coverage of a single roll (dimensions are provided in the parameters section above) and buy enough pieces to cover the total area needed for the application. If the dimensions you require are just above the total coverage of the wallpaper or if you would like advice. Do not hesitate to contact us.

    Done! You can Add To Cart.


    Take a look at our customer's installations for some inspiration.

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    Wonderful goods! Finally, we arranged the room exactly as we imagined. I'm happy with the purchase!

    Fast communication, delivery was okay, the package was precisely wrapped ... thank you, and I will definitely order again.

    Very helpful approach. We wanted to order some products extra and they deducted the shipping fee for us. Everything came fairly quickly and fine


    My Castle offers an alternative to industry as we sell only environmentally friendly wallpapers. We pride ourselves in offering clients beautiful wall coverings crafted with consciously selected materials!

    We also believe our print-to-order method is the best way to eliminate product waste and provide unique designs to our customers.

    When it comes to the non-woven wallpaper, one of the advantages is that it is easier to remove compared to traditional paper-based wallpapers.

    When properly installed, non-woven wallpaper can typically be peeled off from the wall in full sheets without leaving behind any residue or damaging the underlying surface.

    This makes it a convenient option for people who like to change their décor frequently or who are renting their living space and need a temporary solution.

    Our wallpapers can be used for many different projects and surfaces!

    Most importantly your surface should be clean, non-porous and somewhat smooth.

    We are happy to let you know, that we only charge $3.9 for international shipping!

    For more info, please see shipping page here.

    Rolled wallpapers are dispatched within 24 - 72 hours. As we are shipping worldwide, please allow the total shipping time between 5 - 8 business days. 

    Once the order has been dispatched you will be sent a Tracking code in your email which you can track your order.


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